Prospective Client Questionnaire
Help me understand your needs, and what I can do for you. These questions should take 5 minutes or less to fill out.
Everyone has a story. I want to learn yours.

Company Information

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Project Information

Do you currently have a website? *

If you currently have a website what is the address?

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If you currently have a website do you need a content refresh as well as a redesign?

Do you need to change or add to the informtion currently on the website?
If you need a new website, will you need hosting and/or a domain name?

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What are you reasons for needing a website? *

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Will you be supplying the content for the website, or do you need it written: *

Any additional features/services you might need?

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What is your budget for the project? *

Do you have a timeline for the completion of the project? If so, what is it.

Design Information

What is the tone or style you want your website to reflect? *

Any colors you would like used, or any colors you want to avoid? *

Please list some examples of websites you like, and reasons why. *

Please list some examples of websites you dislike, and reasons why. *

Add any additional details,comments, or questions:

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